Source Strategies is the leading hotel consultant in Texas, providing Financial Feasibility Studies, Appraiser Packages, Litigation Support and Data Analysis. Source also publishes market and individual hotel statistics.

Source Strategies maintains the most accurate and comprehensive Texas hotel database, covering 98% of all hotels. Source is the only provider of individual, hotel-by-hotel data, trends and financial projections.

Bruce Walker, Douglas Sutton, Todd Walker, Paul Vaughn and Amanda Sykes are the team behind the Source Strategies hotel consultancy, with over 100 years of hospitality industry experience. They’ve been called the hospitality industry’s most innovative and effective analysts.

Source data is based on the Texas State Comptroller audited tax files for the period of 1980 to the present, making it more accurate than voluntary samples. Source researches and writes over 100 Hotel Financial Feasibility Studies annually – part of the underwriting of $1 billion in new hotel investment. Beyond lenders and developers, Source’s client list has included TxDOT and the Texas Governor’s Tourism Office (1988 – 2016).

Accomplishments include:

  • The hospitality industry’s most innovative and effective analysts!Holiday Inn The Best Surprise Is No Surprise TV campaign
  • Holiday Inn first frequent traveler program.
  • Creation of the Hampton Inn brand.
  • Top budgeter for Holiday Inn.
  • Worked with Texas Legislature to create Hotel Occupancy Tax to fund tourism advertising.
  • Wrote Texas’ first tourism marketing plan in 1988, funding A Whole Other Country campaign.
  • Authored more than 1000 Financial Feasibility Studies in the last 12 years.

Source Strategies professional hotel consultants hold six BS, BA and MS degrees and an MBA from Harvard University as well as decades of industry experience.

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The Source Strategies Hotel Consultancy Team

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