Feasibility Studies

Project the Revenue Performance of any Hotel or Site in Texas

Hotel Financial Feasibility Study - Hotel ConsultantProject revenue performance of any hotel or site in Texas, showing profit and cash flow results of alternative brand affiliation and ROIC.

Appraiser Package

All the Data an Appraiser Needs!

Hotel Appraisal Data & Appraiser's Package - Hotel ConsultantFive and ten-year market and property histories give a comprehensive view, by selected geography and for individual hotels. As both market and individual property trends become very clear, so do resulting hotel appraisals and projections.

Litigation Support

All the Data to Back Your Case!

Hotel Litigation Support - Hotel ConsultantSource Strategies hotel consultant provides courtroom support and expert testimony for private and public entities. We weigh the variables and provide you with concrete evidence that will prove your point in a court of law.

Data Analysis

The Information You Need!

Hotel Data Analysis - Hotel ConsultantQuestions are answered and performance variables are analyzed with the powerful Source Strategies database! From Brand Analysis to Academic Studies, Source Strategies hotel consultant delivers the facts.