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The Source DatabaseSource is the only provider of hotel-by-hotel data. 
Source Strategies, Inc. maintains the most accurate and comprehensive Texas hotel database, covering 98% of all hotels.  Most importantly, Source data is based on the Texas State Comptroller audited tax files for the period of 1980 to the present, making it more accurate and complete than voluntary samples.  Since 1988, Source has been under contract to the Office of the Governor, Economic Development and Tourism to supply its hotel research data and analysis.
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Hotel Performance Feasibility StudiesSource develops over 100 hotel feasibility studies annually, far more than by any other consultancy.  Many of Texas’ lenders insist on a Source study because of the proprietary methodology and high level of accurate prediction.

With the Source database, we are better able to project the revenue performance of any hotel or site in Texas, showing profit and cash flow results of alternative brand affiliation options and ROIC. We invented a highly accurate and proprietary method of determining the separate effects on performance of project variables: location, product type, brand name and quality level, number of rental units, price level and other factors.
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Texas Hotel Performance FactbookThe Texas Hotel Performance Factbook, puts each and every hotel and motel’s Revenue and Occupancy Numbers on your desk, hotel-by-hotel, and compared to last year, then summarized by zip-code, by city and by metro area.  Factbooks are available with three month data and with 12-month data.

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Hotel Brand ReportThe Hotel Brand Report newsletter is published quarterly.  It is the only industry source that tracks how each major brand is performing, as well as product and price segments and geographic markets.  Readers learn which product types, price points, brands and markets are winning choices!

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The Real Value of Major Hotel BrandsThe Real Value of Major Hotel Brands
The Analysts from Source Strategies Demystify the Business Value of Hotel Brands in the Revealing New Article from The Appraisal Journal: New Option in Hotel Appraisals: Quantifying the Revenue Enhancement Value of Hotel Brands.

A tailored study of the Business Value of any specific branded hotel is now available. 

Contact us with your case.  We offer customized studies with full documentation clearly proving brand values via the ‘Scientific Method.’  Plus we can provide expert witness testimony if needed.

Other ServicesAppraiser’s Packages. Five and ten year market and property histories give a comprehensive view, by selected geography and for individual hotels.  As both market and individual property trends become very clear, so do resulting hotel appraisals and projections.

Litigation Support and Data Analysis.  Almost any question or performance variable can be analyzed and proved up with the powerful Source database.

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To make better hotel investments, the most accurate information is critical. Source Strategies has the power to give you that information because Source measurement and prediction tools are the most powerful in the lodging industry.


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