Doug Sutton is Executive Vice President of Source Strategies, Inc.

Doug Sutton’s Career Highlights

  • Doug Sutton, Executive Vice President - Source Strategies Hotel Consultants1996-Present: Source Strategies, Inc. Executive Vice President developing hotel feasibility studies, proprietary Source Strategies database software development and maintenance, undertaking complicated analytical studies and writing for Source publications.
    • Completed over 800 Financial Feasibility Studies successfully, encompassing over thirty-two different brands in Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Oklahoma. Studies include market assessments and projections, proposed hotel’s revenue generation and ten-year cash flow forecasts and the projection of return on capital investment.
    • Responsible for programming and maintaining Source database of Texas hotels and motels.
    • Contributing analyst and writer to Hotel Brand Report newsletter and the Texas Hotel Performance Factbook, including ‘Hot Brands & Dying Brands’, ‘Development Since 9/11: Winners & Losers’, ‘Higher Priced Brands in Turmoil, Mid-Priced Brands Prosper’.
    • Provides in-depth and extreme analysis and strategy for hotel litigation and testimony.
  • 1994-1996: University Health System, San Antonio Texas. Decision Support Analyst. Provided data analysis to all levels of hospital management. Prepared numerous medical studies, grant support documents, cost-analysis studies, staffing studies, and other decision support analysis.  Developed vertical software applications to allow departments to track and study their individual patient populations.
  • 1987-1994: Systems IV Professionals, Inc., San Antonio. President. Consulting firm specializing in data analysis and customized software development utilizing FOCUS database software. Created major applications, including a long distance network analysis system for a major carrier; system allowed the carrier to determine the effect of various network changes before implementation to facilitate selection of the most cost efficient network possible.
  • 1983-1987: United States Air Force. Captain and Information Services Officer, Directorate of Special Weapons, Kelly AFB, Texas. Duties included writing and maintaining software to manage the Air Force Nuclear weapons arsenal, tracking nuclear component parts and supplies, and acquisition and installation of major secure computer network.


  • 1983: Troy State University. Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science.