Todd Walker is the president of Source Strategies, Inc. and has served over 20 years as the main communicator to Source clients. He has authored over 800 hotel studies for Texas developers and lenders equating to approximately $750 million in capital projects annually since 2005.

Todd Walker’s Career Highlights

  • Todd Walker, President - Source Strategies Hotel Consultants1997 – Present: Source Strategies, Inc.
  • President (2016-present), Senior Vice President, (1997-2016). Major contributor to Source Strategies in its achieving market status as the largest supplier of Hotel Financial Feasibility Studies to Texas’ lending institutions. Completed over 750 Financial Feasibility Studies successfully, encompassing over thirty different brands now operating successfully in Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma and other states. Studies include major and local market assessments and projections, proposed hotel’s revenue generation, ten-year cash flow forecasts and the projection of return on capital investment.
    Responsible for sales and operation of Source Strategies’ publications, including the Texas Hotel Performance Factbook and the Hotel Brand Report newsletter. Contributes as analyst, writer and editor to Hotel Brand Report newsletter and the Texas Hotel Performance Factbook, including ‘Results from 1995, 2004, & 2005: Limited Service Dominates’ (2005), ‘First Quarter 2004, The Best Increase Since the Year 2000’ (2004), ‘Age Matters, Size Matters’ (2005). Provides litigation support, analysis and strategy for hotel litigation and testimony.
  • 1997: The Toronto Globe & Mail Newspaper. Assistant Editor of Business Publications.
    The Globe & Mail is Canada’s national newspaper. Wrote business articles and edited publications. Edited InfoGlobe.


  • 1994: University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Bachelor of Arts with Honors in English and History.